Albion Online: How to Capture and Defend a Territory

upalbion Date: Mar/20/16 01:51:21 Views: 2349
We have come up with a design concept for a new guild vs guild system which we believe presents a nice balance between open world fighting that are not too zergy and 5v5 battles.This is a short guide for everyone.So whatever you want to be, follow these steps to leveling up in Albion Online.

How to capture a territory
1.In order to capture a territory, the first stage is to get and hold control over the open world plots contained in that cluster over an extended period of time
2.You would get a group together, venture into the opponents cluster and start hitting their open world buildings, hoping to destroy them and replace them with your own
3.Note that the delay timer gives the defender some chance to defend, but not too much
4.As a result of that, we expect a lot of smaller fights and back and forth battles to happen over an extended period of time
5.This is made somewhat harder for the attacker as they need to get replacements for gear and building materials (for the extractor buildings) from further away, providng the defender with some nice raid opportunities on supply lines
6.Say the attacker is successful and gets control over the war camp. He can then declare his first 5v5 GvG attack. He has 24 hours time to supply the battle vault in the siege camp with gear for the upcoming fight
7.However, the attacker also wants to make sure that it keeps control over the war camp going forward. So the fight over control of the open world plots will continue, as in order to actually capture the territory, multiple 5v5 fights are needed
How to defend a territory
1.In the proposed system, you have multiple optoins available to your as a defender
2.You can ignore everything that happens in the open world and simply rely on winning the 5v5 fights
3.You can fight over control of the open world plots, making sure that your opponent loses control of the war camp
4.You can disturb your opponents supply lines, making it harder for them to keep constructing the extractor buildings and stocking up their battle vault
5.You can selectively hit your opponent by taking back your extractors when their defense is weak