Albion Online: How to Frame Lock the Game

upalbion Date: Jan/06/16 11:53:05 Views: 1972

If you have something wrong with your albion online in your computer, follow this guide to get better adjustment. My game is running at 300+ fps and I'd like to lock it at 60 fps. I tried enabling vsync on nvidia control panel but it didn't work. I've tried both fullscreen and windowed.


Grab yourself MSI afterburner (useful to have either way)

Install, open up and make sure it works, minimize.

Now grab RTSS

Install it somewhere into the MSI Afterburner folder (for tidiness' sake)

After installing both, restart your PC to make sure they interface properly.

Now, while MSI-AB is active (It's the main module, so RTSS won't work without it), open up RTSS, disable On-Screen Display if turned ON.

Afterwards add albions game exe to the list, you're looking for Albion-Online.exe (under /AlbionOnline/Game/)

With Albion-Online.exe selected, set all on-screen display options in the panel to the right to off, application detection level to low.

And finally, set your desired framerate in Framerate Limit, confirm with Enter.

You should now have something like this.

That's all, now Albion (and whatever other game, just follow the steps) will no longer burn your GPU to death and make it sound like a hair dryer.

Keep in mind you need to have both MSI-AB and RTSS running for the frame limiter to work, since it directly accesses the display driver in order to force framerates.