Albion Online Infographic Guides for New Players

upalbion Date: Dec/23/15 16:27:56 Views: 1640

I've been creating some infographic guides for new players. I wanted some higher quality icons so I created my own. They are sightly different than in game icons. It is fairly time consuming, so I have not finished all the images done for release. However, some processes can be copy pasted. eg, Carpentry refining is the same process as metal, fiber etc.


Please let me know if there is an error or a better way to explain a process.


Example Icon Differences

T2 for example has moved to a brown background from the previous beta test.







T8 Carpentry

T7 Carpentry

T6 Carpentry

T5 Carpentry

T4 Carpentry

T3 Carpentry

T2 Carpentry


In Game Items

Mount Animals

Live Stock


Cash Crops (herb garden)