Albion Online Information on Infinite vs THUG War, Rxodia and Red Army

upalbion Date: May/14/16 14:39:50 Views: 2302

Today we will bring you Albion Online information on the Infinite vs THUG war, Exodia's expansion and Red Army's latest endeavors.


1.Infinite resolves their War with the THUG alliance




Sources from Infinite have confirmed that their conflict with the THUG alliance has ended, despite several Guild vs Guild battles still being planned. Both parties found themselves in battle for control over the entirety of a zone, namely Wraithmoor. xOrgy, the Guild Leader of Infinite, gave us a glimpse into the history and nuances that sparked the war in the first place.


Naturally, as Infinite began their retaliation efforts against their oppressors, KDS decided to play their cards right and force Infinite out of their own alliance.


Eventually, Infinite decided it was time to move on from their current alliance and join the EX alliance. Even with their new endeavors, KDS was still after their neck. 


Infinite did manage to win some fights, but could not beat the extremely strong A-team of KDS.


Although Infinite had a rough time dealing with the forces of KDS, they took their experience as a learning opportunity more than anything else.




As the war continued to brew, Infinite grew both in structure and military and were able to stand strong against their rivals.


And they certainly did the the latter, quickly gaining traction against their rivals and claiming more and more stakes of land on the East.


Thus, a new war began between Infinite and the THUG alliance in Wraithmoor. Although there are still over 5 GvG battles scheduled between the rivals, xOrgy confirms that they have made peace with the THUG alliance and have ended their activities in the zone.


2.Exodia Alliance makes headway on the East Continent


Sources from various guilds on the East Continent have confirmed that the EX (Exodia) alliance has been advancing on the East Continent, claiming more territories by the day. 




The stakeholders of the EX alliance include Ominous, Undead Lords, Infinite, Mostly Harmless and La Croisade.


TimTheEnchanter, the Guild Leader of Ominous, has proudly taken control over a number of zones where they previously had good fights against KDS. The zones include: Tatterwash, Slither Stink, Crackman's Cove, Ghostlight Marsh… and counting.


When asked where Exodia alliance would go next, their answer was pretty simple. Just take a look at the map. It's pretty clear what they will be taking next!


3.Red Army Invades Cleft Crossing!


Red Army has been on a conquest to dominate the entire landscape of Albion. Their current targets are apparently Schlechtwetterfront's main territories located in Cleft Crossing, as depicted above.




In Cleft Crossing alone, a total of five Guild vs. Guild battles are scheduled to take place; a majority in which Schlechtwetterfront find themselves on the defense to maintain their stake in the zone. Outside of Cleft Crossing, the ongoing battle between these two guilds has extended to numerous other zones as well, including Tiderush Cove and Stoatstump. The latter being a zone well-known for being controlled by none other than Gentlemen, whom have also found themselves caught in the clash. Both Gentlemen and Schlechtwetterfront are defending their two city territories in Stoatstump against Red Army at the moment.


Although circumstances may appear grim, an unnamed source states that "this will definitely be way too many GvG's for Red Army to take on all at once." If this happens to be the case, then the tides of battle are sure to shift in favor of both Schlechtwetterfront and Gentlemen. Keep a watchful eye on the East continent as the war continues to unfold!