Albion Online Joseph: Release Date Known For The Big Post-Launch Update

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Sandbox Interactive now revealed the Albion Online Joseph Release Date. This is the first major post-launch update for the MMORPG on 27.9.2017. Joseph will provide you with an action-packed arena mode, a variety of rewards, and a wealth of opportunities to boast about the results. In addition, there are additional PvP opportunities through "treasures", two new group expeditions, further UI / UX improvements, easy-to-use smart casting, new weapon skills for more variety and further improvements.



The main features of the Joseph update are:


Arena Mode: In the new arena you will meet in 5-vs-5 matches on worthy opponents. The goal is the conquest of control points. To do this, you can sign up for random matchmaking with friends, guilds, or alone. Also, you can train here for PvP battles at higher levels. In a team match, the conquered checkpoints and the suspended highscore decide on the won prizes. The victorious teams receive Arena Sigils, which can either be exchanged for rewards or traded with others. Each character can collect three Arena Sigils per day for the first three won matches - a maximum of nine Arena Sigils per day are possible.



Treasure Sites: The ancient Relic Locker sites around Albion are replaced by "Treasure Sites". More than ten of these locations can be found within the yellow, red and black zones. These places are dotted with silver. But it is not just the silver that can be gathered here, but also urns can be destroyed and contain a part of the coveted currency. Anyone who dares to destroy sarcophaguses is drawn into the struggle against a spirit. Victory players are rewarded with even more silver.



Eternal Battle Expedition: The Eternal Battle: In an ancient city, undead soldiers of the defenders' army are from a long past battle. Your task is to repress them to recapture the city for the living.



Three Sisters Expedition: A royal guard is said to have committed treason. It has disappeared and must be found again. The trail leads to an old monastery, where three sisters of the Morgana cult, who are brave for their age, are already waiting.



Smart Cast: The most anticipated Smart Casting mechanic  is added to the settings. Based on your playing style you can choose between two variants. On the one hand by "Quick Cast on Button Press": Here, ground-directed abilities can be triggered in the direction of the cursor by pressing the corresponding skill button. On the other hand, by "Quick Cast on Button Release": Here an indicator appears at the position of the mouse once the ability key has been pressed and held. When the button is released, the ability to release is triggered. Normal Spell Cast remains in the default settings.



UI / UX Improvements: The Joseph update adds a facelift to other parts of the user interface. This gives an improved appearance for the island merchant and social menus. In addition, there are UX improvements in the social menu to get in touch with friends and add them to a group.



New Abilities: Five new abilities are added to the bows, daggers, cursed staffs, swords and spears from level 5 onwards. These innovations also provide more variety in combat. One of the new bows skills is "Ray of Light" to root on opponents for a brief moment. Daggers, on the other hand, have "Shadow Edge" to teleport to enemies in a sneaky way or to allies.



Other improvements include new effects for the "Ice Storm" and "Armor Piercer" abilities, further effect enhancements of abilities, Dungeons and Mob Camps, treasure chests, Essences can be used for potion crafting, and dozens of minor improvements and countless bug fixes.



Albion Online Joseph Release Date


As mentioned in the introduction, the September 27th of this year was chosen for the Albion Online Release date. You will find detailed information about the update on the official website.