Albion Online Lancelot Update New Hellgates, Server Performance Optimizations And Fishing

upalbion Date: Feb/27/18 13:59:11 Views: 2375

Sandbox Interactive has announced the third major post-launch update "Lancelot" for Albion Online. It will be published on March 12, 2018. The update includes new Hellgates, server performance optimizations for larger battles and a novel fishing system. Guild changes, roaming mobs, luxury goods, and many more enhancements are planned.



The developers explain the features of the Lancelot update as follows.


Fishing: The waters of Albion open for the intrepid adventurer, players can now fish for ordinary fish, trickier "bosses fish" or rare, sunken treasures in the rivers, lakes and seas of Albion, with different species and settings offering different species of fish, including the fish can also be used or sold for the preparation of food, and as with other resources there are different levels of fishing, and the most legendary catches can even be hung as trophies at home.


Guild Improvements: The Lancelot extension gives guild leaders new, comprehensive tools to set role assignments for individual guild members, track resources, set permissions, and access items from multiple locations. By assigning responsibilities, guild members focus less on the administration, but more on game actions such as looting, gathering, or battle preparations. With new safes on its guild-owned islands and territories, all guild members have simplified access to the shared guild economy.


Server Performance Improvements: As Lancelot evolved, developers have come up with numerous performance improvements in the past. These optimizations go live with the update, giving adventurers less lags and noticeable performance improvements, especially in large-scale battles.


GvG Season Improvements: The second GvG season comes with some changes: Players can place Rogue Mages in enemy territory to steal energy for their own guild. Energy-gathering magicians spawn more slowly as their numbers increase - higher rewards await after a successful battle. Any energy left behind can be claimed directly by players on the battlefield. These changes offer new incentives to participate in GvG battles.


New Artifact Armors: The Lancelot Update introduces Level 3 Artifact Armors, which gives immense power to those who master their intricacies. Items such as the Judicator Helmet and the Specter Hood offer both defensive and offensive strategies. These new possibilities take the fighting in Albion to a new level.


Roaming Mobs: With the expansion, the NPC factions spread even more in the biomes: Instead of just being confined to the camps, they spawn all over the world. These wandering mobs can be overwhelmed by single players or small groups. Those who are brave enough to go to the Open World can expect higher rewards. The mobs vary in frequency and difficulty, from simple scouts to strong troops, to mighty bosses with huge amounts of fame and silver to boot.


Luxury Goods: These special items that can be captured by mobs are relics from ancient Albion. Luxury goods of various categories can be found everywhere, but can only be sold in the marketplace in a specific city. Many of these items must be transported through dangerous lawless lands. This creates new trading and transportation options for players who want to shop cheaply at a remote location and then sell at the destination.


New Hellgates: 'Lancelot' brings new Hellgate types for smaller PvP battles, as well as a new naming system. In addition to the green 2v2 Hellgates, spontaneous Full Loot PvP now includes red and black area rules. In the "Greater Hellgates" there are still yellow, red and black areas.


New Expeditions And More: With "In the Raven's Claws" players get a new Tier 6 Group Expedition. The idea is to free a captured agent from the clutches of Disciples of Morgana before revealing critical secrets. In addition, there are new Siege Ballistas for warfare in the open world, balancing changes, bug fixes and countless minor tweaks."