Albion Online Latest Update: Brutus

upalbion Date: Nov/22/16 16:54:56 Views: 1289

Currently, thanks to Sandbox Interactive, MMO was launched with a major update entitled, it was called Brutus. In addition to this, the game also added significant content, there are mass of changes after testing the novelties, the community of the game should be included. On some official gaming platforms sell cheap albion online gold.




Once again, here is an addition that sounds nothing, and yet that has caused a thunderous clap of applause from all players. It was indeed incongruous not to be able to invite players into friends, if only to communicate, organize dungeon trips.




This time it is possible to better organize the contents of its coffers thanks to the functions "stack" and "sort". A little addition very similar to the previous one and also extremely useful, so much could be wasted time searching for objects scattered everywhere.




This may be part of the small additions that some might consider "minor", yet this is a feature popular with the gaming community and greatly appreciated. Indeed, it is now possible to repair all its stuff with a single click when it was necessary until then to move piece by piece all the elements on the repair table. You can experience Albion Online via buy albion gold.