Albion Online Major Update: The Community Asks To Improve PvE

upalbion Date: Nov/23/16 15:14:17 Views: 1295

At present, for Albion Online, it's in the final phase of beta, we are likely to know that it will remain until well into 2017. At the same time, a poll was released on the official forums by Sandbox Interactive in recent weeks for the purpose of figure out what is the state of the game for its users. For instance, for its title is presumably the most popular, however, futher work still need to in progress. How to the option of cheap albion online gold?



Well, the results of the survey are now available to all and highlight some interesting results. First the PvP is currently by far the most popular activity in the game, followed by the PvE. The most important part of the survey, however, resided in the question of which sector of the game must be improved. 


To this question the players have responded mostly indicating PvE, still too incomplete for meaningful and entertaining. Besides it is also required improvements to the management of the guilds, contracts of carriage and the PvP system.


The developers have promised that these demands will be heard: during the final beta PvE will be made more robust and compelling change the current dungeon system and the functioning of the enemy camps. In addition the software company has just announced Faye, the next major update which will arrive on November 23 Albion Online. 


With respect to this update, not only introduce the biome of the forest, but also will included a lot of features to improve overall gameplay as the Royal GvR, ambient music, persistent mount, winter season as well as emotes. According to guard towers, in order to protect the town from outlaws, moreover, a new chat channel can be discovered. Note that: cheap albion online silver for sale.