Albion Online: New Gameplay Trailer And Exclusive Access Were Launched

upalbion Date: Jan/03/17 11:57:45 Views: 1484

Currently, Execlusive access was launched by Albion Online's founder packs, along with other benefits to the game as well as new gameplay trailer which shows off previously unseen gameplay footage. For avid albion players, they have been in preparation for buying cheap albion online gold.



Sandbox Interactive, the team behind the cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online, are moving into the next stage of development and releasing founder’s packs. There are three different packs offering access to the alpha and beta testing as well as plenty of exclusive items. In addition to this, a new gameplay trailer features never-before-seen action from within the medieval fantasy world of this free MMORPG. 


The Veteran Pack offers guaranteed access to closed beta testing, for $29.95. In addition to this, the pack contains 2,000 Gold, with a real-world value of $10, a 30-day premium account, as well as a founder’s certificate to decorate your unique player house. Needless to say, what's more exciting is that cheap albion online silver for sale


Epic Founders secure themselves access not only to the closed beta, but also to two alpha tests to run in the summer and winter of 2014. They’ll also receive a cool 4,500 Gold, equivalent to $20, a 60-day premium account and a founder’s certificate. A sterling silver nameplate and avatar and an epic Explorer Armour Set round off the pack to truly mark out these founders as epic.


The most extraordinary rewards are to be found in the Legedary Pack: Legendary founders get to be the very first to explore the new world of Albion, in the alpha tests as well as the closed beta testing, with guaranteed access before other players. The packet, costing $99.95, also offers a 90-day premium account, founder’s certificate, a shiny golden nametag and avatar, 12,000 Gold worth $50, a legendary explorer armor set, two different mounts, and an impressive ingame statue.


Due to Legendary Packs as well as the Epic are in limited supply, to that end, for many MMO fans, they should be action out immediately. By heading to the officials website such as UPAlbion to acquire all of the rewards as well as benefits of founder's packs.