Albion Online: New Royal Continent Layout Details

upalbion Date: Jan/20/17 14:58:05 Views: 1599

The New Royal Continent layout, it's said to that the Albion Online site has been update.  According to the team, it made a decision to rework the Royal Isle, based on a recent wipe and that important improvements could be made to the location without any impact on meeting development goals. When it comes to the new zone, and it's set up like a pie-chart. More cheap albion online gold for sale, don't miss the chance.



Arguably, the Royal Continent is the place where every adventurer starts their adventure in Albion. It's crucial to that begining players have a safe environment to start the game. Being there, they can learn how to harvest as well as refine resources, fight mobs, including get to know people. Afterwards they can try their first hand at PvP and eventually transition to the Outlands where they join a guild and enjoy large-scale warfare. It's seems to that no gamers can avoid of buying albion online gold


The current Royal Isles have two major issues:


1) Similar to the Outlands, this part of the world is simply too big. Not only are there ghost towns, there are also ghost zones and maps. This makes it very hard to find (small-scale) PvP engagements and makes gathering far too safe. There is very little challenge involved. 


2) There is one dominant city, Queensmarket, turning the other cities into ghost towns. While we do not disagree with having a market hub in Albion, we do not think it should be located next to safe zones as it undermines the idea of transporting good through dangerous areas and full-loot PvP.


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