Albion Online News & Updates On Development

upalbion Date: Jan/27/17 02:59:39 Views: 1244

Albion Online made great changes, to name a few, the introduction of level design , and tech & coding and so on. More details can be found on:


Tech & Coding

The new area map is also currently being developed. The area map is a special map which will be accessible via the mini- and world maps, and will show a player’s current area to them in more detail. This will include showing all buildings, and how much silver those buildings charge, as well as showing a distinction between finished buildings and construction sites. It’ll be a very handy tool for players looking to explore a new area. More and more players are prone to buy cheap albion online gold


Level Design

The cities will be a completely clean slate, empty of civilisation and order, before players populate it and “create” an expansive, functional city from nothing. This will provide players with the opportunity to feel as though they’re really creating something in Albion Online, and putting their own stamp on the world. Other work done by the level design team includes designing new cluster layouts, and optimising the current art assets – making sure the game both looks good and runs perfectly. provides security Guarantee for the accounts of customers and also offer guaranteed high speed delivery. The highly experienced team in the company gives round the clock services Guarantee and 100 percent excellent customer service guarantee. Based on cheap price sell albion online gold, UPAlbion was already a renowned gaming website.