Albion Online: News From The Lancelot Update

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Last week, Albion Online Sandbox MMORPG got a new update called Lancelot. If you have never heard of this game, we refer you to this detailed article.


So back to this new upate, with it Albion's world will get tougher (again) but also gain in intensity with the arrival of new content. But the big novelty Lancelot is the arrival of fishing.



Focus on new content!


You are going fishing in Albion Online


Thanks to Lancelot, players will now be able to fish on the shores of rivers, lakes and oceans of the world of Albion. That's a bit of a change from cutting wood or breaking the stone.


This new activity makes it possible to catch new resources (fish), but also treasures buried in the deep waters. As for fish, they will be different depending on the fishing location.


Each fish can make a new recipe or go on sale (like other resources). But if the player prefers, he can simply keep his boss fish and hang on the walls of his home as a worthy trophy.


Of course, this new activity includes different levels of fishing poles to unlock.


Other news from the Lancelot update


The Lancelot update is also accompanied by three other new features:


the new armor

a new rideable machine

and new spells


Indeed, each player now has the opportunity to wear a brand new armor, which gives access to new spells.


There are offensive and defensive spells, allowing you to defend against your opponents and attack them. To wear his new armor and the spells that it gives him, the player will have to use the elements that contain his chest to create it.


And to complete this new set, each player will also have access to a new rideable machine. Perched on it, it will have the control of a Siege Ballista and will be able to use it to undermine the enemy fortifications.


This is a formidable weapon that can prove to be a very big advantage if the player uses it well.


News for guild leaders


And yes, they too are entitled to their novelties. Guild leaders now have a new Guild UI system for managing the group and various tasks.


Easier, but also more relevant, this new management allows leaders to achieve a better distribution of roles.


Indeed, each member of the group can now be given a custom role. This new set of tools also allows leaders to track resources, set permissions, and get hold of items in different locations.


New challenges for Albion Online


With this update of March 12 also come new challenges. In particular, players can embark on a new expedition, named In the Raven's Claws, which solicits the senses of caution and caution.


To all these new additions are added a much stronger presence of NPC factions in their biomes, improved server performance, the arrival of a new type of Hellgates, the improvement of Seasonal GVGs, Roaming Mobs and a few more surprises. friendly.


So to discover all these improvements, all you have to do is go to the official Albion Online website


Albion Online: video presentation of the Lancelot update