Albion Online Plans: Dev Team Delves Future Plans Details

upalbion Date: Dec/14/16 13:49:11 Views: 1234

Two months of closed beta come to an end, a post on the state of the game was released by the Albion Online development team. Futhermore, and their vision of what is expected for the launch of their title. It's worth mentioning that the team in charge of the universe will be expanded. A rich and varied world will be coming, according to the beta, it's clearly shown that there were some adjustments to made in regards to attendance as well as distribution of loot in dungeons and Hellgates. 



Character progression will also require some adjustments, including a potential alternative approach to the progression itself. An overhaul of the craft will also be provided, giving more choices and opportunities to artisans and other players. Rare items will also be integrated as craftable by the players, but requiring materials obtained on bosses or rare chests.


Black Zones and Red Zones


Black zones are the zones where guilds and alliances fight over control. All regions that contain claimable territories will be assigned the black zone status. As a result of that, a much much larger part of the game world will be black zones and the highest end resources are only found there. 


Black zones will also contain open world buildings that provide certain benefits and influence to the owning guild and can be constructed, claimed and destroyed relatively freely. Red zones will be full loot PvP zones that do not contain any claimable territories. Red zones will be subject to a crime and reputation system that makes sure that killing peaceful players - in particular, if they are zerged down - has more consequences for the attackers. 


For the red zones, our goal is for them to be zones more aimed solo as well as small group players, instead of as dominated by the larger territory-holding guilds as they currently are. It can contribute to them attractive zones for higher end gathering and PvE and small scale PvP fights. Propression balancing, feature polishing,Combat as well as graphics, in future updates, including UI improvements and bug fixing are also planned.