Albion Online Plays The New Action Of Punching Open The Door

upalbion Date: Apr/09/18 14:51:14 Views: 3106

After a period of self-operation, the new online game has a very interesting action style. Albion Online has decided to move to the distribution system Steam. Indeed this is a long-awaited long-awaited game because it will be more accessible and bring in more players, virtual worlds will be crowded more exciting! For more information, visit



In Albion Online, more specifically, gamers can occupy the land, create furniture as well as buildings, loot other people, conduct PvP or create their own character classes. The Sandbox Games claims that the MMO will not have a "pay-to-win" strategy, and that hardworking, fortunate and smart people will be stronger.


The dangerous world of Albion Online is the reign of magic and witchcraft in the medieval setting. Refining or manufacturing is a very important feature of the game, where you can create unique weapons and defense to protect your territory from invasion, looting other players.


Join Albion Online, players will be able to choose from a number of characters such as Mercenaries, Craftsmen, Farmers, Traders, Warriors or whatever you want. In addition, the game is split into two competing factions: Disciples of Morgana, The Heretics, Keepers of Albion, The Undead, and Demons of Hell.