Albion Online - Private Island And Workers

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Islands are special separate locations for your character or guild. On the island you can build various buildings from a personal house to a farm. Here we'll look at what this system is for and what it is like.



Basic Information


A personal island can only be purchased by users with an active VIP status, but after purchasing it, it will remain forever with you even when you run out of VIP. Islands can be improved up to level 6, each improvement costs X silver and takes about two minutes. On the island, as in the open world, you can find various resources to collect.


The island gives the game such opportunities as:


• Build your home where you can hire special useful NPCs

• Access to a personal chest

• The ability to build their own processing machines and become independent

• You can place special farms on which you will grow various useful plants

• Collect resources

• To breed animals

• Buying and improving the island


To buy your island you need to find in any major city of a special NPC, at this NPC you can buy a personal island, an island for the guild and improve them.


A personal island is basically needed to make your character self-sufficient and reduce its dependence on the rest of the world to a minimum.


To do this, the game has a system of player buildings, the player can build on his personal island almost all the buildings that they see in the cities of the open world. All the same and guild islands, but there is much more room.


Build buildings can be of four main categories:


• Economy - you can build a variety of processing buildings

• Military - you can build various production buildings

• Farming - here you will find everything you need to organize your garden and breeding animals

• Houses - your personal, guild house, for the owners of the founder's set there is a special house


To build each building you will need a certain number of several resources. The resources that are required can be either regular or a certain shooting range.


Personal House Hired Workers


Like you, your hero needs a house where he can stop and rest, for this you are offered a choice to build on your island one of several options. In the house you can place a personal chest to which you can customize access, different furniture and most importantly the workers. Here we will discuss the latter in more detail.


Workers, as the name implies, work for you in their specialty. Depending on the specialty, you can order the worker to fulfill your order and after a while he will bring you the finished result. Workers are placed only in the house or guild hall, but they are not stupid dummies and every worker needs a bed where he will rest and a table, a chair where he will eat. For example, if you have 3 workers, you will need three beds, one table and three chairs so that they are satisfied and fulfill your orders.


So how do you give orders to the worker?


For example, you hired a working miner, talk to him and get a certain book that you must fill out and return to him. The book is filled by collecting resources, in our case ore, so we go and dig the ore until we fill the book. After filling the book, we simply return back, give the book to the worker and send him to work, after a certain time he will return and bring the results of his labors. Always see what he wants from you, either in his interface or in the book itself


Workers who bring conventional resources


• Lumberjack - brings you logs (wood)

• Stonecutter - brings you stones (stone)

• Prospector - brings you ore (ore)

• Cropper - brings you fiber (fiber)

• Gamekeeper - brings skin (hides)


Workers who bring you recycled resources


• Mercenary - gives out silver, kill mobs to fill the book

• Blacksmith - metal, planks, cloth

• Fletcher - leather, planks, metal

• Imbuer - cloth, planks, metal

• Tinker - can issue all four materials