Albion Online: Release & Guild And Subscription

upalbion Date: Dec/09/16 13:17:28 Views: 1393

When Albion Online launched, the game will be Buy-to-play (as guild ward 2), on top of that, it will require a subscription Game so as to brings bonuses, by the way, which is optional. Nonetheless, it will be possible, without any subscription, you can purchase a pack to play it. In other word, you can aslo acquire the the subscription without making a purchase. the simple farming of part by x method can make it possible to have the subscription. Note that, find out more here cheap albion online gold



Buy it now, get ready for the official release, so, you will know your schedule of action in advance, The game is not going to go out for several months but is preparing for the official release seems good, but should not invest too much as the character will be reset. 


In a nutshell, in any case, I'm have been satisfied with my purchase, more so, I'm full of Error as well as analysis, at the official release, it will not be present, due to I would already know the basics, It can aviod me too long in the starting zone, more importantly, and soon begins to profit from the opening, to sell things at high prices.  you can check out more Albion Online latest news, and you can head over to