Albion Online Released Its Launch Patch On July 17

upalbion Date: Jul/20/17 13:54:38 Views: 1361

Albion Online, a new sandbox-style MMORPG, is open to both casual and seasoned players. After a last beta session last March, Albion Online, a new sandbox-style MMORPG, finally opened its servers to the general public with its launch patch on July 17th.





♦ Implemented new starter packs, and updated founder packs

♦ Improved Premium store UI

♦ Added subscription option to Premium store

♦ Adjusted Premium Time Packages

♦ Updated the splash screen image

♦ Added new intro video!

♦ Updated layouts of home territories:

        Rearranged general layout to make for more of an even fight between attackers and defenders

        Now using three capture points rather than four

        Moved building positions to ensure there is enough space to fight in

♦ Temporarily increased the maximum defender bonus in GvGs from 20 to 50

        This is just to mitigate against potentially large gear discrepancies in the early game

♦ Adjusted land auction timers so the first auction happens two weeks after launch; all subsequent auctions will work on a four-week cycle

♦ Temporarily added carrot drops

       • All mobs that drop silver will also have a chance of dropping carrots, at a rate of around 1 carrot per 1000 silver

        This is expected to be removed in the first patch after launch, and is just to prevent nutrition bottlenecks in the first week


Combat Balance Changes


Holy Staffs - Flash Heal


♦ Heal value: 47.17 -> 42.45

♦ Heal bonus per stack: 6% -> 4%

♦ Energy restoration: 4 -> 2.42