Albion Online Released Patch 1.0.318 For Galahad

upalbion Date: Mar/30/17 13:27:04 Views: 1373

Albion Online Galahad Version 1.0.318 is an incremental patch that fixes auction house filter, repair kits and a number of game updates etc. The new Galahad patch also addresses a number of collision issues in cities and harbours. Let's have a look at what have been changed.





• Doubled the drop chance for essences on all mobs.

• Players can now optionally rate an expedition after completion. Added tooltip to item power in item details.

• Tweaked undead soldier frenzy spell, which is now always targeted at where he is looking.

• Added effect to indicate area of effect for Undead Mini Boss.

• Removed unnecessary condition from Keeper Dash spell.

• Standard Keeper Berserker (normal, mini boss and boss) forgot how to "Enrage".

• Rebalanced item loss percentages:

    on knockdown: from 30% down to 10% (e.g. having 100 ore > knockdown > 90 ore)

    on knockdowned to dead: from 0% up to 30% (e.g. alive: 100 ore > knockdown > 90 ore > execute > 63 ore)

    on alive to dead: from 30% up to 37% (e.g. alive: 100 ore > killed > 63 ore)

• Added and fixed localization (all languages).




• Fixed: Too many player could enter an expedition after a disconnect.

• Fixed: Skill shots would sometimes make the player move when used while auto-attacking.

• Fixed: Alliance members can use my territory / city banks of an allied guild now.

• Fixed: Chat channel settings are now saved properly when closing the chat settings.

• Fixed: Spawnpoints on player and Guild islands after fast travel. Players now spawn in safe distance from the fast travel point.

• Fixed: Territory selection on worldmap (was not working when clicking on territory and closing the worldmap in the same moment).

• Fixed: Correctly update auction house filters when switching tabs.

• Fixed: You are now visible to allies when using Mercenary Boots Stealth.

• Fixed: Caerleon Underground passage entrances now look different from regular dungeon entrances.

• Fixed: Reconnecting to GvG fight no longer counts as additional participation.

• Fixed: Many collision issues in cities and harbours (including non-usable building slots).

• Fixed: Many collision issues in Keeper Dungeon.

• Fixed: Unable to cast after being stunned while moving (without moving again first).

• Fixed: Generous Heal being useable without the unlock.

• Fixed: Cleanse was not castable when stunned.

• Fixed: Repair kits are now always usable, even when durability is below 10%.

• Fixed: Random camps are not spawned in some start clusters of the beginner zones.

• Fixed: Wrong mobs (normal mobs instead of elite mobs in raid of homebase got replaced).

• Fixed: Houses were scaled very small so the player was hitting collision without seeing a mesh.

• Fixed: Player doesn't close inventory when closing loot GUI.

• Fixed: Issue where the upgrading text of a building would not be updated when switching between buildings.

• Fixed: When clicking on a buy order or my order’s item info it will now display the correct information.

• Fixed: Issue where zone maps would get stuck to the cursor.

• Fixed: Issue where tooltips would not disappear from the screen when having "Window Animations" disabled.