Albion Online Released The First Patch Of Hector - Version 1.0.324

upalbion Date: Jun/18/17 23:46:34 Views: 1603

Since the Hector has been released for a week, Albion Online finally released the first patch of the update. The new version 1.0.324 focus on fixing UI bugs, mission selection layout and other problems. Here're the detailed fixes:





♦ Fixed an issue where the nutrition bar would not immediately update when feeding territories.

♦ Moved Destiny Board completion notifications further up the screen.

♦ Removed "mission completed" state from mission tracker UI.

♦ Made some improvements to fast travel and portal UIs.

♦ Increased T2 gatherer journal reward from 37.5 units to 38 (should now always level up a T2 laborer, before it would sometimes round down).

♦ Various improvements to Guild UI (member portraits now clickable, limited text field length settings, added a slider for Guild tax settings).

♦ Fixed an issue with the Caerleon loading screen.

♦ Fixed incorrect error when trying to mount while gathering.

♦ Only the Guildmaster and the Right Hand can now edit Guild description info.

♦ Removed incorrectly placed relic chest in Bellever Tor.

♦ Fixed some issues with territory and Guild member views getting stuck in the Guild UI.

♦ Fixed some edge issues in Caerleon.

♦ Removed incorrectly placed territory from Windripple Fen.

♦ Fixed an issue with some expedition mobs not correctly dropping silver.

♦ Fixed certain dungeons having the wrong icon on the map (solo dungeons using the group dungeon marker).

♦ Fixed some minor UI issues with splitting stacks.

♦ Improved readability of text for tutorial missions.

♦ Fixed crafting focus values for many enchanted resources.

♦ Fixed weight and nutrition values for various farm-related items.

♦ Destiny Board tracker now automatically resizes when completing the tutorial.

♦ Fixed focus values for crafting furniture.

♦ Made spell effect areas look nicer.

♦ Fixed an issue where achievement reminder icons in the Destiny Board tracker (the little "!"s) were not being removed when clicked on.

♦ Fixed waterfalls being silent.

♦ Adjusted volumes for fireplaces.

♦ Fixed an issue where some mob abilities were not correctly obeying their activation conditions (eg should only activate when player is in range but was instead activating always).

♦ Removed delay from Meteor's knockback effect, and it will now only be applied on impact.

♦ Fixed missing explosions for Meteor and Exploding Shot.

♦ Removed the ability for GvG mercenaries to kick people.

♦ Fixed an issue with the opening of the item details UI.

♦ Improved visuals of flails and hammers.

♦ Improved mission selection layout.

♦ Crafting equipment items will now attempt to fill existing equipped stacks before overflowing into the inventory.

♦ Crafting buildings now all have the same maximum nutrition capacity, but no longer start full (Novice buildings all start with 100 nutrition as before); nutrition is still not added on upgrade.

♦ Fixed an issue with incorrect map zooming when searching on a zoomed-out world map.

♦ Updated minimap icons for fast travel portals.

♦ Fixed an issue with "show only craftable items" filter not working correctly.

♦ Fixed an issue with Destiny Board info in 80% UI scale causing shaking.

♦ Improved the Undead General fight, including adding a new ability.

♦ Added crafting focus and learning points to character stats in the expanded inventory UI.

♦ Fixed an issue with Guild button in the territory attack details UI.

♦ Added a popup to explain how local banks and markets work.

♦ Fixed an issue with player buttons in the GvG details UI.

♦ Fixed a weird visual issue when attempting to use broken tools.

♦ Fixed some minor issues with the Black Market UI.

♦ When crafting equipment items, the default number is now 1 rather than the max possible amount your inventory could create.

♦ Highland Guardian should now be set up correctly.

♦ Reduced the danger level and power of Ancient Mammoth hide mobs from Elite to Veteran.

♦ Fixed an issue where inspecting another player did not show any mount they had equipped.

♦ Made it so you can click the target item when enchanting.

♦ Fixed visual issue when capturing monoliths in GvG.

♦ Fixed an issue with the display of inactive abilities when inspecting another player.

♦ Improved the Demon Prince:

    • Hellrifts now spawn at a distance of 5m.

    • Most of his abilities now deal more damage.

    • Laser Sweep's beams now rotate around him.

    • Pursuit range is reduced from 80m to 30m.

    • Aggression range of portals and demons increased to 50m.

    • His knock-back will now also alert all enemies within 50m around all affected players (so be sure to clean up beforehand).

    • Cool-down until a new wave of demons is spawned from the portals has been increased to 10 seconds.

    • Also fixed a number of minor issues

♦ Swapped position of "build" and "cancel" buttons in construction UI.

♦ Fixed an issue with display of reputation penalties and nametags.

♦ Fixed an issue with the Fury ability where it would only stack five times rather than 10 as intended.

♦ Fixed incorrect minimap colors.

♦ Fixed an issue where opening the Destiny Board could also issue a move command.

♦ Fixed numerous minor level-design issues, including invisible collisions and offset areas.

♦ Fixed various animation issues with farm animals and laborers.

♦ Keeper Druids have been stronger than intended so the power of their spell Static Discharge has been reduced

    • Static Discharge: now has a reduced radius (4m down to 2.5m)

    • Static Discharge: a bug where its damage and debuff was applied again to everyone 3m around the target has been removed

    • Static Discharge: damage has been reduced by 5%

♦ Improvements to various visual effects.

♦ Fixed an issue with partially full journals not filling correctly in conjunction with stacks.

♦ Fixed an issue where T8 resource nodes were being incorrectly reset to 1 unit after downtimes.

♦ Changed offscreen nametags in cities so they only show for GvGs and duels (which should improve performance).

♦ Moved half of the outland castles around to fit timezones better.

♦ Adjusted various elements of the Fungicide expedition to make it less unintentionally dangerous in a couple of specific locations.

♦ Kicked out a couple of T5 archers who'd snuck into Fishy Business, and hired T4 archers to replace them.


It's high time to download the new patch to fix these bugs and have a better gaming experience in Hector of Albion Online.