Albion Online: Results Of The Final Beta Survey

upalbion Date: Dec/21/16 11:46:15 Views: 1227

Regarding Albion latest news, a survey results show the Final Beta Survey, and the goal of the survey was to gather your feedback with regard to the current state of the game, nonetheless, also included some upcoming features. 



What Do You Enjoy In Albion Online


We were very interested in your favorite activities in Albion Online. A majority of 38% proclaims to enjoy PvP the most, with PvE following at around 26%. When it comes to PvP, 72% have actively sought out PvP or is planning to. 


The remaining 28% were either forced to defend themselves against their will, or do not want to participate in any PvP activities at all. PvE-wise, we asked you about your group experience in dungeons. A vast majority of 73% has already ventured into a dungeon with a group, with only 3% saying they have no interest in that part of the game at all.


Who Participated


Out of all participants, more than 50% own a Veteran Founder’s Pack, 30% have a Legendary Founder’s Pack and the rest owns an Epic Founder’s Pack. When it comes to playtime, 34% played over 50 hours and nearly 75% played more than 10 hours in Final Beta alone.


You are also very guild-oriented, with two-thirds of the participants being in a guild and a stunning 41% considering their guild a rather competitive one. Only 9% had no interest in joining a guild at all. But what about player activity? Roughly a third of you still play regularly, meaning you log in at least once every two days.