Albion Online Review And Characteristics

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The news came out in February but I consider that you have not been given the hype that deserves this new multi-platform MMO and really if you are looking for something more hardcore and different this can be your game. Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO experience available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It brings together all the characters on a main server hosting a giant and ever-growing world. You choose how to advance in your adventure: at home or on the road! And also totally in Castilian.



What Is Albion Online?


Albion Online is an open world MMORPG set in medieval fantasy. It has an economy totally driven by the players; All team elements can be made by the player. You can freely combine armor parts and weapons in our unique classless system - you are what you use. Explore the world and face the challenging PvE content. Get involved with other small and large-scale PvP adventurers and conquer territories. Gather. Creates. Trade. Conquest. Leave your mark on the world.





Action JCJ

Test yourself in the intense PvP combat where you will face the most celebrated warriors in the open world of Albion. Equip yourself, collaborate with others and send the enemy far from the battlefield! Only the most skilled fighters will be victorious!


Guards Of Guardians

You can conquer the vast world of Albion Online on your own! To dominate a territory implies protection against the dangers of nature. It also provides space to build villages and gain valuable resources. Claim yours, grow your empire and protect yourself from the invaders!


Combates JCE

Hunting monsters is more than just a hobby in Albion Online. The creatures you face give you the resources you need to create weapons and objects. Arm yourself well: The world is full of ferocious beasts, and only the real heroes will be able to defeat them!



Do you need to rest from the stress of fighting for your life, but supporting your guild? Retreat to your own private island on the coast of Albion. Build and maintain a farm with crops, animals and new buildings. Produce food to cover the military expenses of your guild, or sell it to the market and keep the profits!


Discover, Collect, Hunt.

To erect the largest cities and to forge the most lethal weapons, you will need resources ... and not a few precisely. Search for each corner to find the most precious and rare materials. But beware: your enemies are looking for the same!


Create Your Own Weapons And Armors.

Each player forges their own destiny! Whether it's a powerful armor, a magic stick or a robust tool package, you can create it with your own hands; It is the player who marks the economy! So look for the nearest anvil and begin to forge objects.


Take Your Possessions Throughout The World.

There are many ways to transport goods across the wide world of Albion. Carry everything on your faithful mule and get on the road! But beware: a full carriage is a slow carriage, and that makes it an easy target for thieves. Protect your merchandise!


Commerce With Your Property In Local Markets.

Do you have so many resources and objects that you do not know what to do with them? Or maybe you're looking for a particular sword? Approach the local market, where many merchants await you ready to provide you with everything you need.


Player Accommodation

Build your house and decorate it to your liking! Fluffy beds, tables full of food, gruesome hunting trophies ... Furniture not only makes your home a home, but each object brings different bonuses and skills to your character.


Your Particular Corner In Albion

Do not leave without your particular corner. Choose from more than 20 different buildings to make your plot evolve into a functional city! Whether military, industrial or residential, think about how you want to use the precious building land; Do it effectively and you will expand your empire.


Destination Table

To create the perfect character you need to know all the ways that fate can take you. And that's where the destination table comes into play! The table of destiny shows you everything you are and everything you could be ... And that's a lot! Step forward and choose your own path.


No Classes Or Restrictions

Forget everything you know about the other MMOs. At Albion Online there are no classes; Therefore, you can equip yourself with whatever you want, without restrictions. Experiment to design and create your ideal character: in Albion Online you are what you wear!