Albion Online: Revised Objects System And The Fate Panel

upalbion Date: Dec/29/16 11:00:23 Views: 1242

You probably not know, nonetheless, War legendary weighs in Albion, Due to a extremely solid economic pole to support the two fighting poles(GVG as well as PVE), and in order to complete his ranks, the guild led by Kam is looking for new talents.




Modification of the harvest points to allow harvesters to specialize by Tier, from Tier 3 for all resources. This allows players to continue to progress even if they do not harvest superior Tier resources.


Fate Panel

So first, what is the Fate Panel? This is, by and large, a skills tree that will help you define the path you want to borrow with your character.



The purpose of changing the Destiny Panel is to facilitate the unlocking of objects, while saving an investment of time and effort in order to become a specialist. In addition, Harvesters and Refiners will have additional options to arrive at the Tier of their choice.



Similar to the harvest, refining will also allow to specialize in a Tier to obtain cost reductions in Manufacturing Concentration without having to refine higher Tier resources.



The entire right side of the Destiny Panel will be dedicated to refining and crafting. In the same way as for the combat system, an artisan will unlock all the sub-objects of a category after reaching the Tier 4 (adept) as well as the possibility of specializing in one or several objects. This specialization increases the Quality of Manufacturing and the Reduction Bonus in Cost of Concentration Points.