Albion Online: Some Changes In The New Patch

upalbion Date: Aug/03/17 13:55:15 Views: 1623

The first post-release patch for MMORPG Albion Online was released. Now the castle chests appear twice every Sunday (at the same time on all clusters). Temporarily increased the spawn rates of the appearance of T4-resources in safe zones, as well as T5-resources in the yellow zones.



Expeditions now require one tank, one healer and three DPS (those who do damage). Reputation obtained in PvE, increased by 50%. Now the invulnerability after the cluster change expires only after you moved away from the passage further than 150 meters.


Castle loot reduced by a factor of 3. It is no longer possible to attack players instantly if you dismounting. That is now it is necessary to wait 3 seconds. The cluster change effect is no longer discarded when the cluster is changed (and is removed after two seconds of downtime).


When you exit the ring, the duel now ends after 10 seconds. Players with a reputation for Dreaded can no longer disengage PvP mode. A complete list of changes to the patch for Albion Online can be studied in the official site.