Albion Online: The New Medieval Online Game Make You Addicted

upalbion Date: Jul/24/17 11:07:13 Views: 1410

Looking for an exciting and refreshing adventure? Albion Online is an open-world medieval MMO that redefines the codes of online gaming. This title offers you a unique experience where you are totally free from your destiny. Between its classless system, its economy entirely handled by the players and its many modes of play PvE and PvP, it is a whole new world of possibilities that is offered to you today with the release of Albion Online!



You Are What You Wear


Forget everything you know about ordinary MMOs, in Albion Online there is no class so no restrictions on your equipment. Here, it's simple: you are what you wear. You want to move from a mage to a warrior? Put on your armor and take your weapons! You want to be a warrior? You can also ! With this total freedom, you will be able to create the character that perfectly matches your style of play.


With a completely free skill tree, you can then choose to specialize and improve certain points of your avatar. In Albion Online, you choose your gaming experience. You can also take part in fighting but also haggle, craft, turn to agriculture, and so on. And since there is no class that compels you, you can change activity at any time!


Battle To Survive


If you are the type to enjoy the match, you will be served with Albion Online! The MMO offers many experiences to satisfy all your desires. PvE lovers? The world of Albion offers you an environment rich in creatures who just want to meet you.


And for all those who prefer PvP, your MMO will allow you to take part in many fights. Gigantic battles gathering hundreds of players to the more modest confrontation, there will be for all styles! You will be able to participate as much in clashes between guilds to 20 against 20, as in combats way MOBA to five against five. This helps the more modest guilds to progress. And if you do not like to choose between PvE and PvP, Albion Online offers you even new experiences that combine the two!


A Player-Based Economy


In Albion Online, every item in play is made by the players! It will be up to you to leave, to discover, to collect and to hunt the various resources that will enable you to forge your arms or to erect large cities. If you are tired of fighting, you will even be able to retreat to your own private farm and maintain it to produce food that will fuel your war efforts or those of your guild.


But as in Albion Online, you stay free from your game, if you do not want to spend your time looking for new resources, you can go and barter them! The game also offers a unique exchange system that will make you a real merchant. In the world of Albion, markets are local and you will have to move from place to place with your goods to search for rare objects or valuable resources. But watch out for thieves on the road!


A Unique Eeperience Available Now


Albion Online is a medieval MMO in open world. A game of the most refreshing that updates some mechanics of the kind to propose a new experience where not only the economy is managed by the players, but where everyone is free of his own experience of play while finding its place and function in This vast universe. Above all, Albion Online is the first true multi-platform MMO and is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android for a unified gaming experience between these different media.


You are also free to live your adventure on the platform of your choice, and even start it on your computer and then continue it on an Android or Mac device! Not to be forgotten, to play Albion Online, you only need to purchase one of the Starter Packs and then you can start your adventure immediately and indefinitely without a subscription and extra cost. So do not wait any longer and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Albion Online today!