Albion Online The Next Update: Consistent Mounts

upalbion Date: Dec/13/16 11:49:36 Views: 1268

Note that: The Albion Online site has been updated, however, for its the next update, the persistent mount system coming with the next update. For example, when you are gathering crafting materials, but, on basic of as long as they stay within a certain distance of the mount, the load bonus will not be lost. Without futher ado, player health as well as mount health will be disconnected with the update.



As long as you stay in the vicinity of your mount, you maintain the same load capacity as if you are being mounted. This makes the mode ideal for travelling gatherers, as it allows you to walk freely to resource nodes within your mount’s range. If you happen to click on a resource node while mounted, you will automatically be temporarily dismounted and start gathering.


All other buffs you get from your mount are removed, such as the speed, armor and crowd control resistance stats. Similar to how dismounting works now, all your spells and abilities will go on cooldown as well. Before you play Albion Online, you may be need to focus on more details, stay tuned More guides and tips, all what you want.