Albion Online: Tips For Alliances

upalbion Date: Mar/23/16 02:02:25 Views: 1824
With all the concern lately about alliance sizes, I'd like to see a discussion here solely about Alliances. I have my own ideas. I'd like to bounce around everyone here and see what you think. 
Remove alliances from the game. This will be replaced with a new system that will allow you to set Allies.
  • You may set specific guilds to be your allies but you won't be under the same tag anymore
  • Your guild decides who you ally with and a guild that you are currently allied with can ally a guild that you are not allied with. Example since that seems a bit confusing: KDS allies Red Army. Red Army allies Money Guild. Money Guild is not allied with KDS unless they ally each other.
  • Alliance chat remains but is changed a bit. Since you can only chat with the guilds that you are allied with, there is an option when creating a tab that will let you choose which Guilds you would like to speak to in this tab. You can include all guilds your allied with or a single one. Also there will be an option to show guild tags before the players name.
  • You cannot schedule a GvG against a guild that you are allied with.
  • You may invite allies to GvG for your guilds fights.
  • You cannot kill allies.
  • Guild Master's must sign an agreement(basically like checking a box or something of the sorts) and invest money into being allied with each other. Read NAPS to learn more about this system.
  • Allying another guild will have a base cost, 5 million silver for example on creation on top of the silver they are investing into the alliance.
  • The way this whole interaction works is by meeting at a NPC that both Guild Master's will click on and start the process between each other. At this NPC you will also be able to see ALL current Allies and NAPS in the game.
So you might be asking. How does this help stop people from making giant alliances? Well, that answer is actually quite simple. Let's take Zerg or Envy for example. Most guilds in both alliances did not enjoy being in such a large alliance in the first place. No one ever wants to have to deal with this type of situation, so I'm proposing a way to combat it. With these changes, there is no longer a single guild in charge of an alliance because being allies is a mutual agreement. This system supports more so the guilds that want to be allied for the long term and want to support each other. I promise you that there is guilds in both Zerg and Envy that didn't want to be allied with one or the other. So lets point down why this issue came to be. The game was getting into a boring state.
There just wasn't much to do in terms of content so this caused guilds to join one of the mega alliances to have some fun. There was 3 major reasons for joining either side, 1 is because people were bored, another is because they were forced to because of their position on the map and lastly because they wanted the other side dead. If you have to go through the process I've recommended for each guild you will ally with on top of paying the cost, you best bet that guilds are going to choose very carefully who they ally with. Ultimately though, this is a game where the players make the decisions and decide for themselves how the world is handled. If there ever comes a large group of people that want to attempt to be the dictators of the game, then so be it! Alliance system or not they will try to do it. At that point you have some European history repeating itself in Albion and if you know your history, you know how it ended each time.