Albion Online Tips: How To Farm Resources In Game

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Albion Online is still in the beta phase, and still a lot of players are wondering if they want to or not. Because let's face it, a MMORPG is PVE, PVP, but also and most importantly, the resource farm. Now, many think that farming on a game such as this one is long and tedious, that you will have to mount everything, that you will have no choice to be autonomous.



Admittedly, if you want to play this MMORPG on your own, you will have to go up all the time, especially if you decide to cut all the players and do not share anything with the ingame community. But a MMORPG including farming is also trade and resource sharing, so even before you want to think about farmering a whole forest, we advise you to check the main resources you need to build your equipment and your specialization . If you are destined for the care and choose the voice of the Priest, needless to say that miner will not be very useful to you, on the other hand, to pick up cloth and wood can be a good duo.


Farming takes time, it is a certainty, especially if you are not very organized, but fortunately for you, this guide is there to save you time and energy in this activity Pass for binding.


An Update On Resources


But before we talk about the farming action, let's take stock of the main resources and their applications. In Albion you have 5 different types of resources: wood, plants, ore, stone and skins. Each of these resources has to be transformed in order to be used and each of them allows you to specialize. Some resources can intervene everywhere, but some will be paramount to your evolution and the speculation of your character. A Mage for example, will priorityly mount the plant resource that allows him to craft fabric and so be able to equip himself.


Resources such as stone are mainly used for buildings in terms of their construction and improvement when other resources appear to be needed at higher or lower doses in almost all areas.



What Resources To Farm?


To select the resources to be farmered, it is important to determine in advance what resources you will need in order to craft your equipment according to your specialization. You can have a quick overview of these needs by visiting your fate panel and wandering through the specialty voice you choose for your character (Healer, DPS, Tank, etc.).


By following the destiny panel and the desired track, you will see the related equipment, and the main materials needed. But be careful, do not just look at the clothing stuff (Head, Body, Foot), consider watching the weapons also to refine your choice.



How Can These Resources Be Farmed?


You have made your choice, and selected the main resources to mount. Now you have to pick them up, but you will not be able to do it with empty hands, you will have to get tools. Each tool corresponds to a resource, and each tool per resource to a level that determines which resources you can pick up.


To be able to craft the tools you will need, go to town with a tool manufacturer, the same character who allows you to make capes and bags. Once the tool is in hand, you can start your farm sessions.


When the time comes for you to climb up to the level of farming, ie, to be able to pick up the top-level resources, your tool will have to allow it. To manufacture this tool you will need, as for your weapon, crafter of the lower level, in order to unblock its manufacture.



Where To Farm Resources?


Depending on the resources you have chosen to farmer, some maps will be more suitable than others. The wood, the skins are in adapted biomes of type drill. The minerals and tissues in mountain biomes, the stone for it, is found everywhere. It is easy to know what resources are around us by simply looking at its world map and clicking on the surrounding areas.


At the top right, the most present resources are indicated, with their levels. Here, for example, the zone contains ore, fabric and stone resources ranging from T2 to T3. As you walk around the map, you can pick up these resources. You will not find wood there (except T1 present everywhere), and skins, because there are no furry animals (except the rabbit).


On this other zone you will see that you will find other resources such as wood and skins that you only find in this type of Biome.


Then, how to use these resources in Albion Online? We'll share another tips article for Albion Online. In that we will give you an Albion Online Resources Guide which will help you use the resources.