Albion Online Update: New Weapon Spells And So On

upalbion Date: Dec/10/16 13:21:08 Views: 1350

Regarding Albion Online the next content update, It was named for Elaine, in addition to this, three new spells are getting added. It's said to that Crossbows are getting two new spells, the first is Exploding Shot, the other is a Q-slot spell. You can shoot an exploding bolt towards a small area of your choice. More players are focused greatly on buy cheap albion gold.



The second Crossbow spell is Noise Eraser, a skill shot going on the weapon’s second slot. Aim it carefully to silence your enemy. The Axe line is also getting a new spell for their second slot: Internal Bleeding. As you swing your Axe, you deal damage to all foes around you and make them bleed. Can’t wait to test these spells out? Stay tuned, as more information on Elaine is coming soon.


Due to the next content update around the corner, now that the Keeper Artifact items should be revealed. click here: to find out all about the Bedrock Mace, Mistcaller, and more. Note that: It's appears to that legends are born in Albion Online in every week. For instance, speaking of Minmoeth, who has found a extremely enjoyable way to make profit in Albion.