Albion Online Update: Regarding The Ancient Guardians

upalbion Date: Dec/02/16 11:52:39 Views: 1201

According to Albion Online developers, a video dedicated to the ancient guardians was revealed, at the same time, we found out that this fraction consists in: you can check out more Albion Online latest news, and you can head over to



Axe Thrower. Each throw their axes they put so mighty force that stun prey.

Druids. They follow the precepts of the land and the nature of, and are the spiritual mentors guardians who protect the tribe powerful magic land.

Giants - ancient creatures from the world of Albion, joined the keepers of the tribe. Thanks to its incredible strength, they throw stones at the giant enemies.

Berserkers - a fierce fighters tribes. They use a two-handed axes, endowed with the fury of nature. Fury berserk in battle intensified when his wound.

Mother Earth - the most valuable and sacred guardian. The more her enemies, the stronger it becomes. Mother Earth is furiously attacking the enemies and use the full force of nature.

Barbara - the youngest members of the tribes. They are not the most powerful warriors, so the assault teams. So attractive? right? Are you now attempt to buying cheap albion gold?