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After more than a year of beta, Albion Online is preparing for its imminent release on July 17, 2017. Tomorrow releases the latest Hector update which will be the last patch of content before the release of the Sandbox MMORPG.


Hector is the name of the final version of Albion Online. That is to say that between tomorrow and July 17, the game should change very little. So, if you want to discover or rediscover this MMORPG and prepare for its imminent release, now is the time! A few changes have been made on the interface of the game - and especially the user panel - as well as on the tutorial. All this so that the game is more readable and accessible. In addition, some dungeons have been modified with new mobs' camps, new mounts have been added and the armor has received a nice little facelift. But the most important thing in this update of Albion Online is the changes brought to Outlands, the Hellgates but also the arrival of the Black Market.



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