Albion Online: Why Not Engaged In The Guilds Of GE-2 And MrQuaRate

upalbion Date: Dec/04/16 21:56:03 Views: 1257

At present, with respect to the next cross platform MMO, Albion Online, Today, it already official enters its final beta phase. Additionally, for the all warriors of all hair, they have been ready for the release. And you can be engaged in the adventure with GE-2 and MrQuaRate, by making use of their guilds to try and win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. Until now many of players have been trying their best to buy cheap albion online gold



The world of Albion is a place filled with many wonders but also many dangers. In this MMO sandbox, it is up to each player to find his place as resource collector, merchant, or why not mercenary. All your actions will have an impact on your adventure and the future of your guild. One thing is certain, the war is brooding.


For the launch of the final phase of beta, find all the week GE-2 and MrQuaRate on the TV1 Gaming Live.Engage in a guild and get as much xp and stuff with your favorite streamers. A special event will close this crazy week on Saturday with a Dantesque PvP match that will crown the best guild. Cheap Virtual silver for sale such as cheap albion online silver for sale.


The guild event will take place on Saturday 6th August from 18h to 20h30. But watch out, other streamers and their guilds are on the go! We'll have to fight for victory.


Ogaming with Nems, Aypierre and Klapstock

Zerator with W_Lapin and Gius

Alexclick with 0rau, greenkiwi, Pikapowner and Foxseen

Boblegob and Sardoche with WABTV

Millenium with Zerh and Zoltan, to be found on the Millenium TV1

Gamerorigin with un33d, leva, the fifou, Typhus and Lutti


In a nutshell, Two participants of the operation will leave with a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to be able to play everywhere in Albion Online. Aside from these lots, you can also access to the game during the different lives to inflate the numbers of the belligerents. Engage yourself. Are you decide to buy albion online gold right now?