Albion Online's War Gavel is a Combat Healers Choice

upalbion Date: May/21/16 15:15:08 Views: 1196

I think fun and unique weapon in albion online is the War Gavel. Now I'll present you the replacement for the healing mace. 




Weapon Idea: close combat healer with high mana costs and a mana on hit as a passive stat on the weapon, therefore you have to keep attacking your enemies to keep up with the high mana cost


The base idea here is just great. Melee healer is something little bit different and fresh than those ranged ones we have used to see. Giving strong heals in the middle of action brings a new variation to pvp fights. It might be recommend to use lots of armor, but maybe the boldest, skilled or suicide minded healers are going with cloth. I have to say that i am not a fan of this war gavel thing. Its basically a club and maybe that way little bit boring I guess. But hey that's just my opinion.) Something like clerics mace would suit kind of better, but theres already mace line so maybe not. Something different than staff could be nice though. Ill just put down some of my ideas:


That frontal cone heal needs good skill and timing so it should heal medium to high, depends ofc how much you can spam it.


This chargeable skill Judgement is nice and you have found intresting mechanic there, but what if it does light damage and also ligh area heal? We were talking about healer after all.


There still could/should be also one ranged single target heal. Moderate heal with quite mid/low -range would suit well.


Cause we are talking about melee healer, what about somekind of divine shield or something to protect him/her self and/or allies?