Albion Onlion As The Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2016

upalbion Date: Nov/17/16 02:07:20 Views: 1562

In the past especially for look back to 2015, which is full with a wonderful and fruitful year for mobile game industry, regarding the development of gaming, we have witnessed everything on our mobile devices. Albion Online players can take advantage of cheap albion online gold to experience it.



In 2015, a number of promising titles such as Order & Chaos 2: Redemption and Mabinogi Duel had great performance and we can expect more awesome titles in 2016. Now take a look at the 12 most anticipated mobile games of 2016. 


The Ghost Story is one of the most popular martial arts franchises in China. Netease, Chinese gaming giant, decided to bring this game to mobile platform. It is an action role-playing game which will be available for iOS and Android. The Chinese Ghost Story will immerse you in its mysterious, explorable wonderland, where mankind, monsters and devils see a thrilling story spreading ahead. By buying albion online silver is good for playing gameplay.


It adopts the best features from The Chinese Ghost Story PC and optimizes it for the modern mobile gaming experience. Players can not only experience most memorable regions and characters in the PC version, but also the brand-new PVP system, faction system, freely trading system and housing system which haven’t been seen before. 


On January 7, 2016, the first Closed Beta will be launched in China, until now more than 90 million players have signed up for this beta, but at present, on the Western release, now there are still no words. Albion Online is extremely fun, it's no wonder that albion online gold for sale.