Albion Recap: Balance Changes, Reworks and New Spells

upalbion Date: Jan/14/17 01:44:03 Views: 1702

The future of Albion will forever change, for instance,, great PVP and superior beta skill. Albion is turning into a great game, in addition, it made remarkable improvement, in 2017, it will be launched on various devices as well as system, without any doubt, players need many Albion online gold to trade with others to accomplish the goal.



This time around, Game Designer Michael Schwahn takes the stage of our Development Recap to talk about the upcoming combat adjustments and improvements. This not only includes an abundance of balancing, but also the comeback of the Royal faction armor and the introduction of brand new gatherer gear. More Latest Albion Online informations, recommend you can visit official website:


Balance Changes, Reworks and New Spells

New equipment and spells aside, a lot of additional combat changes will be introduced with Galahad.


First of all, we are giving some love to the currently underpowered and underappreciated roles. Tanks are the main victim of the current Meta, as they are nearly useless on the battlefield aside from a few specific builds. To bring them back into the game, we are giving them better Crowd Control (CC) options, as well as reducing the CC resistance of Cloth users. We are also looking at spells on typical tank weapons, in order to make them more viable.


We are also not satisfied with the mobility balance in Albion Online. We will remove mobility skills from armors and helmets, and tone down the mobility spells on weapons as well. The main source of mobility will come from shoes, making it harder to stack mobility boosts. This will also have an impact on the Ranged versus Melee-Meta, where melee users could simply outrun the distance advantage of ranged players.


With exception of certain unloved roles, at the same time, we are now revamping underused items, by giving them a defined role and niche, we intend to bring them back into the Meta, a impeccable instance is the Its Demon Arrow spell as well as Wailing Bow, and it will become stronger, since it hits more enemies. In Albion Online, to enjoy so interesting gaming experience, you need to make enough preparation such as buy cheap albion online silver in advance.