Albion Tank Weapon Chitchat: Mace v Hammer v Sword

upalbion Date: Dec/29/15 13:48:55 Views: 3597

Which tank weapon is best suited for which situations if you have enough albion online gold? I'm talking large scale, small scale, solo, pvp and pve. Looking for an objective comparison of the pros and cons for Hammer, Mace and Sword(the taunting tank weapons).

In 5v5 pvp, I think a melee in heavy armour can perform one of two different roles; either pressure, or disruption/initiation/protection.

The pressure weapons are scythe, claws and double daggers. These weapons still do great damage, even with heavy armour. Scythe, in particular, is incredibly energy efficient. If a fight goes on for too long, whoever has the most scythes will have an advantage because everyone else will be out of energy.

For the other role, pole hammer, heavy mace and iron-clad staff are all excellent weapons. They stun, snare, root, sleep, silence and knock-back your opponents to protect your team or provide good opportunities to get a kill.

But in roaming pvp, some weapons are particularly good at stopping people from escaping, such as halberd, iron-clad staff, claws and pike.