Albion Three Different Resources And Gold For Sale

upalbion Date: Feb/07/17 13:44:03 Views: 1020

As we all know already, Albion online is mystical world, what's more, it's imbued with various dangers and challenges, to name a few, its resources, Green, Red and Dead Forests, Hide Mobs and so on, anything is seemingly unknown and interesting, and it's waiting you to explore it. 



Three different resources can be found in the forests: Wood, Hide and Rock. It will come to no one’s surprise that the most abundant resource in the forests is Wood. Sharpen your axe and get ready to chop.


The forests are a natural habitat of a plethora of animals, ranging from harmless bunnies to monstrous bears. Kill and skin them to get your hands on various tiers of Hide. As the forest biome is very near the highlands, you will occasionally find occasional Rock nodes between the trees as well.


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