Albion Update: Expeditions First Look and Cheap Gold On Sale

upalbion Date: Feb/04/17 01:13:06 Views: 1378

Note, concerning the next update of Albion Online, it majorly introduced relevant expeditions to the world of Albion, so to that end, some people are wondering what are expeditions?



With regard to expeditions, and do you know something?


Simply put, expeditions are instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. As a matter of fact, speaking of these expeditions, which are relatively short, as usual, under the control of average, with a successful run taking 20 to 30 minutes. Arguably, it can also considered fairly safe, assume that you die, without losing any gear, and you will be transferred to the start of the expedition, nonetheless, it will lose durability. 


If you are about to begin to expedition, in the city, you need to seek out the Expedition Master NPC. Since he can offer an option to you, and decide you whether play a solo or group expedition or not, at the same time, including the Tier you want to play. Through the Destiny Board, you will need to unlock the different Tiers. It's aim to play higher tiered expeditions. More Albion Online expedition news and update, why don't you visit official website:


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