Auction House in Global Market and Local Market

upalbion Date: Apr/11/16 04:31:32 Views: 1530
There's already been a lot of discussions about the singular AH systems. Today I want to talk about the Auction house and what do you think about the way it is right now. I personally think that the way auction houses are right now will lead to players filling 1 or 2 towns and trade there while the rest will be abandoned. In my opinion Global Market i.e a Single Auction House at lease in the safe zones is a must, and will make trading, global pricing and the way everyone can effect the economy easier.
SI is trying to make a "Sandbox" game where players create the content, and in so, the more streamlined and simplified things become the less dynamic the economy and world experience will be.
There is already information regarding future development of resources on the upcoming design of the map/world which will start splitting up resources into different locations. This change will see things as an example, Wood being more densely located in the West and Ore being more common in the East (not the case just a fictional example to stress the point). This is just an interpretation on my part of things we will be finding soon, but if/when this change happens, it will only stress the point of having individual market hubs opposed to a central system to help diversify the games Economy. It would be pointless to have resources scattered around the world if the AH was a centralized system.
Benefits of the current and future setup will help create more importance based on logistics. Guilds and Alliances will vie for lucrative transportation routes (choke points) resource rich zones to control trade etc. Basically creating more and more content for players which in essence is everything someone wants when playing a sandbox player creates the content based game.