Basic Gather Survival Guide on Albion Online

upalbion Date: Dec/23/15 17:21:03 Views: 1371

I am a hardcore gather so I would like to give some basic guides to you:

1. Have a companion with you. Make sure that each one gathers different resources.

2. If you see that the first five resources you find are empty, don't risk staying at that area longer.

3. Relics: Don't be nearby when a relic is about to become available.

4. Avoid areas with many guild territories. You are easier to be tracked and to be blocked.

5. Carry only the necessary. There is no need to use your T5 armored horses while traveling at dangerous areas. I never carry cape and potions.

6. Don't become hostile. That's a mortal mistake.

7. Use horse, not ox. The resource that you are looking for is rare.

8. Do not be greedy. Do not overload yourself of the mount. 50-100 pcs and back to town.

9. Ask other gatherers for gangs that might occurred minute ago when you enter an area.

10. Watch the map. If you see a few skeletons, try to calculate the distance and their route.

11. Plan your route before you start wondering around.

12. Don't bother killing uneccesary mobs you must be sharp and quick.

13. Stay invisible. Don't talk at Area Channel, don't even stream.

14. Flee is a useful skill for unpleasant circumstances.