Best Solution For Every Albion Solo Players

upalbion Date: Dec/29/15 06:12:10 Views: 1445

Hello, I have a suggestion about the ability to see character names. I think it would be interesting if we players could utilize the environment a little more in terms of hiding, spying, ambush, etc. by being able to only see other players name tags and guild affiliation if we were in a partied group or in melee distance. Not only would this give solo players a safety net against players who prefer to always group in risky zones, but also more strategies in world pvp and fun. So wouldn't this be like hitting two birds with one stone? I would like to know what all my fellow players think about this idea! Thanks.

From the great ideas people have contributed on this thread, here are is list of what could be implemented:

1. Players are only able to read other players name and guild affiliation only in melee range, party, or a guild.
2. A crouching stance which would make a player not able to be targeted with the tab-target function which will soon be implemented. However, the downside of this stance would be that the player would be immobile. After 1-5 minutes, players in the stance will be able to be targeted. Changing stances would also make a sound.
3. Ability to sneak which would drastically limit our movement speed while being able to be targeted a little further from melee distance.