Best Way to Get a Horse in Albion Online for a Newbie

upalbion Date: Mar/15/16 14:30:56 Views: 2752

I've been playing a couple of days now and i'm in the middle of Tier 2. I'm starting to feel the need to buy/get a horse, but i'm not sure which way should i go.

1) Sell my veteran gold for silver and buy a horse from AH: i've seen horses at about 20k silver. I could sell my gold.

1.1 How do i sell my gold for silver?

1.2 Should i wait in this case to be journeyman adventurer?


2) Farm silver up to 20 and buy it from AH. Working on this.


3) Grow up a horse. I have no idea how or what would i need.


Which one would you recommand?


Well, I would just sell a bit of albion gold and buy a horse since it will save u a lot of time and will help u progress much faster. ^easiest way since u wont be needing gold in this beta anyway and if u do u can always buy some later when u have more silver


Don't grow it yourself, it takes time and way more silver (buying private island, build pasture, buy food to raise it, craft it with leather) than buying it in the AH. And the prices for a T3 horse are decreasing fast You can get them for 5k already.


Don't use your gold. To grind that silver as a T2 player just farm humanoid mobs near your starter zone. Look for a cave and wandering there around. When you find a boss mob it drops 500-1000 silver. If the region isn't overcrowded by other players, than it takes you 1 hour to get that silver as a T2!