Best Way to Skill Up Faster in Albion

upalbion Date: Dec/22/15 03:00:13 Views: 4769

Skilling up in Albion requires you do one thing: gain Fame (Albion's exp.) You can skill up by gaining fame for every single one of your unlocks. This can take quite a while, but nothing will ever stop you from skilling up from gaining fame. However, there is a way to skill up faster in Albion through the combination of fame and Learning Points. If you use Learning Points, you can instead choose to skill up when you have gained only 1/4 or more of the fame required to skill up. The more fame you have over 1/4 the required amount, the less learning points it costs. Learning Points regenerate every day (20 for normal characters, 44 for premium characters) and accumulate if you are online or offline.


So as you can see, there are no roadblocks for you. If you skill up quickly enough, it will start to take longer to skill up. If you hit this threshhold mostly depends on two things. Are you specializing and how much time do you play? If you specialize, it will take much longer to hit this threshold. If you don't play a lot, you will generate Learning Points at a much more tolerable level to skill up with (Learning points generate whether you are online or not.)


As for guides, there are many guides online, but most are currently outdated. My genuine advice to you would be to look for a guild. Guilds are often the best introduction to this game that you can have. They can show you the ropes of the game and help you grow as a play. There are many amazing guilds in Albion Online, and you can find one on the Guild Recruitment Forum.


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