Campaign #MakeAlbionGreatAgain From Albion Players

upalbion Date: Jan/12/17 22:33:00 Views: 1293

To be honest, I have been gone trying other game, but, not surprisingly, for these other game, apparently, I can't be attracted by these games, anyway, I have been focusing on Albion Online, by buying cheap albion online gold to fufill my desire. 



Hence, I have started playing the game again, what's more, I made an effort to reinvigorate those of us who has taken a break from the game. It's aim to that Albion can back to its prior glory by having people start playing again. On top of that, for the hashtag of this campaign will be #MakeAlbionGreatAgain, I expect to raise awareness of the wonderful game. 


The high end guilds got the best territories and zones first and anyone who started any later than the first week was essentially shut out of competing for a territory. Players got to yellow zones. They were out geared the minute they got into the game and unless by some miracle one of the powerhouse guilds took them in, they never made it out of the yellow in any major numbers.


In a nutshell, At this moment, I'm presumably more anticipated for the launch of Albion Online, since I'm eagerly awaiting its come, and I follow this belief that it's a quite fun MMORPG game, without any doubt, I will visit official website:, to get more its latest news as well as buy cheap albion online silver so as to enjoy so fun game, even its recent updates in faye its beginning to become a game that I dont want to play in the future even with the upcoming map updates.