Collect Stones, Ruby, Dig: The Final Beta Albion Online

upalbion Date: Dec/31/16 01:05:44 Views: 1528

Start Test was expected by fans of hardcore projects, presumably, meanwhile, before release to this public, this is the last test, for started the final testing Albion Online game,for those players who buy kits of the founder, they will be able to attend. In accordance to the developers, testing will last closer three months, in addition to this, before the release of the game, it will be the last step. Beware of fake website, official website UPAlbion will offer you cheap albion online silver



For such a long time, players will be able to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of the project and develop the characters up to a good level. Nevertheless, it was negotiated that all, without exception, players expect a full reset at the end of the test, but with preservation of all purchases made during the final phase - they will be returned in the form of gold.


The August edition of the game has changed significantly compared to previous stages. The project added a lot of new and reworked the huge amount of content, changing it beyond recognition. Obviously, the developers of the long three months to accumulate enough number of reviews about all the innovations, and to release the game will only vaguely resemble themselves in a phase of closed beta.


Of all the many changes immediately allocated a completely different system areas. All the space in the game was divided into three large sections: the King's Island, and the Queen of the Province. The islands are suitable for beginners and those who like to live by the laws, even if it is a game. On the royal territories works fine new reputation system that allows you to feel secure even in the yellow clusters.


When performing good deeds player gets special glasses glory, which accumulated, can lay claim to being a good citizen. Commit a murder such a character, the opponent loses a huge amount of reputation that makes it very difficult later in life: for cleaning have to kill thousands of monsters that will take more than one day. Without any guess, players are planning buy cheap albion gold