Dagger and Claws in Albion Online Need a Rework before Release

upalbion Date: Apr/18/16 16:33:49 Views: 1315

Anyone with cleanse, silence, stun, kiting abilities can rape a dagger user. Today I would like to remind the topic about the dagger pair and claws again. And I do think the dagger and claws need a rework before its release.




DESCRIPTION: Both weapons suffer the same problem of having all their damage reliant on their E (Which is a little too high), with the Claws', specifically, due to its 30 second cooldown.


URGENCY: Not Urgent, just makes daggers a pretty annoying weapon to level and play with.


ARGUMANTATION: The dagger tree as a whole suffers from a huge lack of abilities to choose from, in comparison to Maces, who have 2 Q's and 4 E's to choose from. This is along with almost 80% of their damage coming from their E's makes playing with daggers very boring.


In addition there are other glaring issues with their ability mechanics:

  • Inflitration cannot be used in combat. so while solo'ing it is only usable before a fight, and with its low range often causes you to pull the mobs you are trying to engage on then having it instantly reset on top of you.
  • Dash is pretty useless, its hop is too short, and the dash is slow enough to where anyone sprinting will blow past you.
  • Q does very little damage, which pushes almost all your damage onto your E, which means that the E has to do an absurd amount of damage in order for you to do damage at all.
  • Very prone to Energy starvation, and being melee means that you have to completely remove yourself from the fight to pop the Light Helmet's Energy Regain or an Energy Potion. Energy on Hit does not provide enough energy to even remotely combat this.
  • A lack of AoE puts daggers to the back of the pack in both PvE and PvP.
  • A Stacking Bleed Q that at 3 stacks does a good deal more damage than Sunder Armor and interacts with Slit Throat the same way, or a AoE Q like the new Cleave could breathe some life into this one dimension weapon.
  • Giving a damage ability or alternate CC on W, would provide some meaningful choice
  • Reducing Claw's E Cooldown to 20 seconds, and reducing Slit Throat's Damage by 10% while putting more damage on other parts of the kit.