Entirely Player-Driven Game World: Albion Online

upalbion Date: Jan/24/17 12:26:01 Views: 1418

When it comes to a core aspect of Albion Online, it key is to entire world is fully player-driven. Including trading, crafting as well as crafting, what's more, land ownership and entire player-driven cities. Gatherers, crafters, landlords, traders, criminals, hunters of said criminals, transporters and many other things, each of them with the option to specialize and become famous for what you do, will all have their place in the grand economy of the world. Gamers are talking about how to get cheap albion online gold.



Albion Online uses five basic resources types, four of which are used for item crafting and one, stone, is used for building construction. The four main crafting resources are wood, ore, hide and fiber. More Albion basic resources types, and found out more: https://www.upalbion.com.


In order to get a good gatherer, you need to go to the right locations at the right time, and for the higher end resources, it’s advisable to bring some protection with you - or to be sneaky enough to avoid being ambushed. 


Since those high-end resources are so limited, the rewards are insanely good if you manage to pull this off. Gathering is exciting precisely because of this risk-reward relationship and because your own skill as a player truly matters.


All of the resources are quite limited by design. The resources come in tiers ranging from 1 to 8, and in particular highest end resources are extremely rare, balanced in such a way that there is a cap on the daily amount that can spawn. This means that the equation that “more time gathering more resources gathered” does not necessarily hold true, especially at the mid and high end of the game. Players expect to more cheap albion online gold for sale