First Draft: Lawless Land & GvG Layout for new Worlds in Albion Online

upalbion Date: May/29/16 03:36:18 Views: 1235

Today we'd like to share with you a first draft of the "Lawless Lands". 


We're particularly interested in your thoughts on the layout from the perspective of guilds planning to claim territory and participate in Guild vs. Guild warfare in Albion. For the purposes of evaulating this, please assume the GvG mechanics unchanged.


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1. Introduction & Map


The Lawless Lands are an untamed part of Albion, under no formal governance and ruled only by those who have the strength, courage and guile to do so.

This is where guilds are free to claim territories and wage war with each other, plundering and murdering as they please without having to fear the wrath of the King's Law. The Lawless Lands are also richest in resources, lying deeper inside the mysterious continent of Albion than the outlying islands and they're home to Albion's most powerful creatures- who jealously guard Albion's most secret treasures.


2. Biomes

  • Each region is of a particular biome.
  • Each biome features three resource types.
  • The first of those resource type in each biome is abundant, the second common and the last rare.
  • All other resources are not found in that biome at all.
  • The biomes are:

     Forests: Wood, Hide & Rocks

     Mountains: Ore, Rock & Fiber

     Swamps: Fiber, Wood & Hide

     Steppes: Hide, Fiber & Ore

     Highlands: Rock, Ore & Wood


3. Tiers

  • Each region has an assosciated Tier.
  • Regions in the "Lawless Lands" range from Tier 5 to Tier 8
  • The Tier of a region determines the Tier of resources found:

     Tier 5 Region: Resource Tiers 3-5

     Tier 6 Region: Resource Tiers 4-6

     Tier 7 Region: Resource Tiers 5-7

     Tier 8 Region: Resource Tiers 6-8

  • Each region also contains Tier 1 wood & stone
  • Tier 2 resources are not found in the "Lawless Lands", but can be harvested in the safe zones and brought in from via harbours (see below)


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4. Cities, Outposts & Harbours

  • Cities

     Have a market place

     Have a bank

     Have a repair station

     Have an Island Seller who allows player and guild islands

     Have a large number of public estates which can be leased through the land auction system

     Have a fast travel point which allows fast travelling WITHOUT your gear

     Have guards outside who will protect the entrance

  • Outposts

     Have a market place

     Have a bank

     Have a repair station

     DON'T have islands

     Have a few public estates

     Have a fast travel point which allows fast travel WITHOUT your gear

  • Harbour

     Have a free travel connection to a harbour in the "King's Lands" (the Safe, Yellow and Red Zones).

     A harbour in the King's Lands is always connected to two harbours in the Lawless Lands


5. Mob Camps & Dungeons

  • A region without a dungeon always contains 1-3 smaller mob camps
  • A region with a dungeon contains a large mob camp and potentially additional smaller ones
  • Dungeons have multiple floors, with each floor containing stronger mobs & granting access to stronger gateways
  • Dungeons have multiple entrances, but all entrances lead back to the same region



6. Territories & Towers

  • Home Territories

     Home territories somewhat are larger than before (contain more building space)

     there is only a single one per region

     Contain a bank/battle vault and a marketplace

     Holding Home Territories is relevant to guild rankings

     When Open World extractor buildings are implemented, extractors will be found in the same region as home territories

  • Farm Territories

     Farm territories contain building space for farms as right now

     Farm territories are NOT protected by a permanent barrier

     Barriers are only enabled during GvG fights

     Farms & Crops can NOT be attacked or destroyed unless you conquer the territory in a GvG fight (but you can kill the farmers tending the crops)

     Farm territories contain a bank/battle vault

     Outside of GvG, the territory tower attacks enemies nearby to add some protection for farmers. Note that this attack is strong enough to prevent permanent camping, but weak enough to allow a short while near the tower.

     TBD: Guards in guild colours (similar to Castle Guards) afford some additional protection to the territory

     Holding Farm Territories is relevant to guild rankings

  • Watchtower

     These replace the current resource territories

     Watchtowers territories contain a bank/battle vault

     Watchtower territories are NOT protected by a permanent barrier

     Barriers are only enabled during GvG fights

     The territory towers attack enemies nearby(see above)

     Watchtowers may have valuable resources nearby (valuable Watchtowers)

     TBD: Guards in guild colours (see above)

     Holding Watchtowers is relevant to guild rankings