Five Way to Level up in Albion Online PvP

upalbion Date: Dec/24/15 04:32:17 Views: 2039

I believe it's possible to make it where fame is farmable in PvP without being exploitable. Besides, cheap albion power leveling is your best choice to leveling up in Ablion online.

1. Make it so players are worth 2xs the fame of mobs equal to tier with their average item tier.

2. Killing a player give that player a debuff they become an "unhonorable" can and are worth -33% fame, stacking up to 3 times for 1 hour. Dying resets this time.

3. No longer include inventory in fame calculation. Only equipped gear.

4. Players count as tier 6 mobs so you cannot use then to get fame for t8+.

5. Your fame is cap is based off your item level. Higher average item level gives you higher fame/hour caps. This way it promotes risk vs. Reward when traveling into PvP zones.