Galahad Update & Albion Online Soundtrack And Its Release Details

upalbion Date: Mar/02/17 13:55:25 Views: 1143

When Albion Online has announced its date for officially leaving that hallowed state: July 17th, 2017, along with some adjustment and changes of its open PVP zones, due to albion online release date was confirmed, more and more players are ready to explore this beautiful and mystical world. Gamers from all over the world have been attracted by albion online gold cheap at UPAlbion.



Latest official news update, official Albion Online soundtrack was also added into the game, on the whole, 19 unique tracks compose it, From triumphant horns in the city to ominous percussion in the Hell Gates, it's no hyperbole to say that the music of Albion will never fail to set the right mood. With Albion online official launch date is approaching, cheap currency such as albion online gold buy at UPAlbion.


The massive Galahad update,which includes a world revamp as well as server wipe, is coming on March 13th, in its upcoming Galahad release, Albion Online is wiping out its old archipelago in favor for a map redesign that spans an entire continent and several biomes.


According to the team wrote: they made a decision to utilize chance of upcoming wipe to also redesign the Royal isles. Meanwhile, they are aware of they could a series of significant improvements with relatively little effort on our end, and in order to create a far better Royal Continent without slowing down our overall game development. More latest Albion Online news and its release details, and here is more tips, guides, and news: