Guide of How the Tier Works

upalbion Date: Apr/12/16 01:20:27 Views: 1595

Today our topic is how the Tier works. I'll make the explainnation really easy. Gear with no color border is .1, green is .2, blue is .3. Those are really the most important ones to know first.


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And the way it works is that you add the 2 numbers together to understand the value of your gear, so for example a 4.3 gear has a value of 7. which would mean that a 4.3 gear is on par with a 6.1 gear.


Now for some more detailed informationd:


Now in general .3 gear is overall the best, which means that between a 4.3, 5.2, and 6.1 weapon, the 4.3 will be slightly better in terms of stats. However, the .1, .2, and .3 will all have different skills that you can use on them, which means that there are cases in which people will choose to stick with .1 or .2 because they value the skill that that tier provides to them, more so than they value the stats.


At the end of the day tho the .3 gear has the greatest potential out of all of the tiers because since T8 gear is the max, it has a value of 11, compared to the .2 and .1 gear that will have a value of 10 and 9. And that difference really is big, it's the difference between an entire tier of gear.


Also there's the purple, orange, and white gear. Purple is .4, orange is .5, and white is .6. It's basically the same as before except in this case these tiers don't have new skills. .4 has the same skills as .1 and .5 same as .2, and .6 same as .3. But realistically it gets an incredibly long time to get to the point in the game in which you have to start worrying about purple gear and beyond because you cant even start working on .4+ gear until you reach T8. It doesn't take too long to reach T8 in the .1 gear but it takes incredibly long to reach T8 in .3.


Anyways that's basically everything you need to know about the tier system. The only part that's a bit more detailed is the whole .1, .2, .3 system, in which weapons and armor can be tier 5.3 for example, but really it's not any different from the regular tier system. All you really have to do is add the numbers together. So basically 5.3 is T8 in this example. It's really not that complicated at all and if you take the chance to try the game im sure you will see that for yourself.